So…it’s A New Day

As you may know, I began this endeavor on the site, and almost immediately there-after, went to posting on simply because the name I chose for the first blog was already taken and the only thing I could come up with (that wasn’t taken) was to add a couple of numbers at the end. Well, I wasn’t happy with that…yet in my always doing before thinking frame of mind, I allowed it to go viral.

So now I’m hoping while figuring THIS site out (it’s waaayyy tougher for this “just do it” girl), everyone will stick close and not dump me.

This is where I’m at…maybe you can help. What is the white empty space in the sidebar? I can’t seem to access it…can’t delete it…don’t like it!!!

Heading to work this morning, so maybe tonight I’ll give it another shot. I’m thinking there may be a person by the name of Brandi Dodson that can help me understand this. 😉