Guard Against “Soap Boxes”

Elements fb coverThis new adventure of mine is bringing out the previously semi-controlled soap box that resides inside me from living life. You know of what I speak, if you know me.

Even though most of us know basic public relations manners, on occasion we’ll slip up. Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. There are few people I feel comfortable enough with to share my serious thoughts. When a door opens, even if it is with just one question (that’s actually just a crack in the door), I tend to grab it and swing it wide, so as to let the “light” in…if you know what I mean.

There are two very important, close to my heart issues, in this life that if given opportunity, I will share everything I know, (and then some), on the subject. They are: Abused Women and Children…and Home Education. Completely different issues, yet both have touched my life in such a way, they have become my “Soap Box”.

In all the years I’ve maintained a business presence, I’ve cautioned those that worked with me not to share too much of their personal lives while at work. Our clients come to a place to breathe free, not be burdened with others thoughts. And even though yesterday’s conversation was a pleasant interaction (for me anyway), it felt as if my voice consumed most of the conversation. This had already happened on one other occasion since I’ve been in North Carolina, but on an entirely different subject. Yet another awesome new client had brought my defenses down. I’m beginning to think I really need my husband to get that house sold, and get to where I am, so I won’t feel the need to communicate quite so much. He can be the happy recipient of my ramblings. 😉

Please don’t misunderstand…communication is very important, in any business…not just the beauty industry. But as professionals, we must make the conversation about the client, and not so much about ourselves, during the time they occupy our chair.

Here’s a possible solution: Take a good hard look at your day in the salon, and ask yourself if you would want to be your own client. Then…adjust as needed. Just don’t destroy your personality while correcting minor freedoms. Most days, at the end of business, I will shut the main lights off and sit in a soothing atmosphere with just a few strings of twinkle lights on,  and soak in the days happenings. Maybe with a cup of hot cocoa, chai, or coffee nestled between my hands as I review everything that happened that day between me and my clients. I never want to stop learning; nor do I want to stop taking a second look at my actions, or the lack of them. I let the memories come as they will…never trying to “conjure” up something. If nothing is there to concern myself with, I don’t. There truly is a happy medium that balances our moments in life, but we can’t change what we refuse to look at, or don’t take the time to look at. And remember…we aren’t perfect human beings, but we can be perfected. Don’t be too hard on yourself…just hard enough to find truth.

There are times to speak, and times to listen. Just don’t forget to listen more than you speak. Okay…okay…I got it.