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I must admit, I too, have visited the WebMD more than once. I always try to self-diagnose before choosing to visit our family doctor. I just don’t want to take the time to sit in the doctor’s office and wait my turn. Nor do I like paying the price of waiting. My time is valuable, my money is, well…it comes through my time. Yet, I have found it’s always better to visit a local facility where I can be looked over and find out what the actual problem is, especially if it doesn’t go away. Our symptoms may be the same as Joe Blows, and yet have different outcomes, because of existing circumstances. This is not a ploy to get us all visiting our family doctors…what it is, is an informational blog about diagnosing the condition of your hair. Pretty cool, right? You didn’t know your hair could tell on you, did you?

Well, I’m not going to advise looking on line for your solutions. You knew that already though, right? You can find just about anything you’re looking for…on line. But the question is, do you REALLY know what the problem is?

Self-diagnosing an illness with WebMD or Google is a big no-no, so why would it be any different when it comes to hair? I’ve had clients tell me, “my hair is dry,” or “it’s extremely damaged,” when in reality they have been using a chelating shampoo (not knowing it’s properties, nor what to look for), that is stripping the natural oils, on a consistent basis. The body continues to supply natural oils to the scalp area, but if we daily strip them off, then the hair is going to feel as if it is dry. Or, a friend has recommended a certain shampoo and conditioner and because you like the smell of it, you grab it for purchase. Because shampoo, is shampoo, right? Wrong! You can wash your hair with Tide and get it clean. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Not only does harsh chemicals strip ALL the natural oils out, they also wreck havoc on the scalp, over a period of time. Resulting in dull, lifeless hair and flakey scalp.

There could be numerous things going on, causing the hair to be dealt a bad hand. A doctor wouldn’t take a patient’s word for it and simply hand over a prescription without conducting a thorough evaluation—and neither will I. I know you want the prescription that actually addresses the needs of your hair, and there’s no way I can know that without first evaluating.

The first thing a good stylist will do, will be to evaluate their client’s hair and determine whether or not it will require major damage control, extra moisture, or simply needs to be maintained. For someone with dry, tangle prone hair that breaks off easily, I would recommend a cocktail of two opposites for conditioning. One, a protein infused conditioner (such as Scruples ER) to restore necessary elements back to the hair, and a product to detangle (such as Scruples Quickseal). I’d then suggest an in-salon treatment, and would also encourage the client to purchase the line to use at home for one month (or until her next appointment). Then, we’d re-evaluate her hair’s condition and decide if she could move up to a normal regime of shampooing and conditioning.

Like I said, you can find just about anything on the net…with the exception of personal care, hands-on experience, and a diagnosis of what is really happening with your hair. Many things “make the person.” However, I’ve seen without fail, the person feeling not-so-well, make a complete turn-around while sitting in my chair…simply because there had been a solution for her problem. A weary day of no hope in sight, restored to “tomorrow is a new day.” Sounds extreme, right? It just does something for our self-esteem, our acceptance (as sad as that is). It somehow makes us walk taller. It lifts our head. Somehow, we can look the world in the eye and say, “I’m ready for ya!”

Okay, that last statement was for the reallllly insecure. 🙂

Yes, there is a cost for damage control. But seriously, how many band-aides should a person use? Until the problem is full blown, and extremely hard to regenerate? And more costly. Or should we maintain a healthy balance, continually taking the steps necessary for that healthy glow? It’s true, what’s on the inside of us shows on the outside. Our health really is that important. But society has a habit of abusing their bodies. It may be the cause of too much work, without taking time to nourish the body. It may be from simply too much stress in one’s life. And then, when all that goes down, so does the skin and hair we live in.

But, there’s one more thing that causes me to have a job. We love to look fabulous. We decide to bleach, tone, dye, perm, relax, and use all sorts of products that build up on the cuticle (outer layer) of our hair. Over time the cortex (inner core) of our hair becomes so damaged, that we need help getting it to respond how we would like it to. It becomes limp, with no body to speak of. It doesn’t want to hold a curl. It frizzes easily. It wraps itself around our brushes. It falls on our shoulders in great numbers. There are times it just needs a breather, and stop the over-processing. But how does one know when they are getting past the point of no return?

That’s where your hair specialist comes in. Hopefully, it would be before that point and you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Hopefully, you would be visiting her/him, on a regular basis. Especially if you are using chemicals that demand the hair look the way you desire it to.

Maintenance…that’s what it’s all about. If we catch a problem before it becomes a problem, our hair and our skin will respond with a luminous, “THANK YOU!!!”

Now, go see your stylist…preferably me. 🙂

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