The Beauty of Skin

I had a young lady stop by the salon on New Year’s Day. She held my business card in her hand, as she asked the question, “What does it mean to be a skin care specialist?”

I had gone to the salon to take Christmas decorations down, rearrange and eliminate, clean and re-think the business known as Elements Salon. The doors were not open for business and no one was there, being it’s New Years Day. I have been toiling over, what seemed to me, the slow growth of my fairly new business in Apex. Questioning God as to the direction He was taking me and what was I not seeing? What else could I do to bring in the needed clients?

Elements Making a DecisionI have tried to figure out how to incorporate the skin care line, that I used and sold during the last 7 years, while living in Oklahoma. Space just won’t allow it yet, in the suite I now rent in North Carolina, and since my client base isn’t quite large enough to warrant a geographical move I’m left with only one domain within which to create and depend on.

It’s true that the business of hair has been my catalyst for all other elements in the beauty industry and has carried me through many years. Yet, if there was a way to bring back the opportunity to address the needs, and conditions of skin…I would.

Was the question presented to me by this misplaced young lady, another confirmation to find a way to incorporate skin care into my existing business? What would I have to do to create needed space? And most importantly, how would I create enough interest in having a stunning complexion when foot traffic is low? I’m fairly sure I could address the needs of my existing clients, without all the needed equipment for a full set up. Most of them have really great skin and would only need an at home maintenance program, with very few needs. For these clients, they would enjoy a simple 30 minute to an hour-long facial that would promote cellular activity and decrease pollution that attaches itself to our skin, while others could use corrective treatments. If they knew I could diminish, and in some instances, completely do away with, hyper-pigmentation (also known as liver spots, sun spots, age spots), Rosacia (red, thin skin with visible capillaries), dehydration (tight and wrinkle prone), or acnaic (excessive sebum-pooling), they would be in my facial room this week.

Well…it’s certainly something to process and look for a solution. My purpose in business is growth. I not only love what I do, I cherish those that come my way. It’s like that one AT&T commercial (I think…not sure what the advertisement was for…I just love them) that aired last year (2013), where the little girl says, “We want more. We want more.” Greedy? Nope. We just want more of what we love. 🙂

Happy New Year to all my peeps (do we still say that)! See you soon…