Preparing for the Wedding…things to consider

Preparing for the Wedding…things to consider.

Preparing for the Wedding…things to consider




As soon as you got engaged, everyone was asking to see the ring…or just in passing noticed “sparkly” coming from your direction. It’s the perfect time to keep those nails and hands primed and pretty with a regular manicure. This is your chance to experiment with colors (pretty mauves, pinks, and french tips) and get to know your manicurist. When you get your nails done, look at your nail bed. Shape your nails to match, giving your hands and nails a balanced and elegant look.

To Consider: The week before the wedding, splurge on a shellac manicure. Shellac Manicures use UV technology for a harder and smoother finished nail. They’re a bit pricier but can last up to two weeks (and beyond)…with no chipping! Maybe your wedding planner can suggest this as a gift from a friend that might not be able to make the wedding.

Brides HairHAIR:

All brides search for the perfect hairstyle for their wedding. It’s a day they want to look beautiful, knowing that all eyes will be on them. There are so many hairstyles right at our fingertips, through the world-wide web searches, there’s simply no need to have your style as an added pressure…if you find the stylist that has been proven to deliver the talent. That’s easy enough, right? Not really. Find someone who is willing to have a trial run at doing your hair, and any of the bridesmaids that want their hair professionally done, as well. You want the whole wedding party looking great for those photos you’re about to pay for. Remember nothing is perfect, however. You are about to make wonderful, lifelong memories. Let yourself laugh along the way. Enjoy the time spent preparing for this once-in-a-lifetime event.

To Consider: If you have chemically treated hair, refresh highlights, and/or color, two weeks before the wedding. Also ask your stylist to do a deep-conditioning mask on your hair. It will restore strength to the hair and add back the shine that bleaching can rob your hair of.


Brides SkinThe best time to prepare your skin for the big day? To get the best results, you should start preparing your skin (as well as your nails and hair), six months before your wedding. It sounds extreme, but it can make a big difference!

The regime should go something like this…

  • Oily Skin: Cleanse, tone, moisturize, morning and night. Many people skip the toning, but for oily skin it can mean the difference in great skin as opposed to splotchy, half-clean skin. The toner will remove left over cleanser and any makeup residue left behind. It’s an important step for those with excessive sebum production. Be sure to pat dry the face, to where it is only slightly damp, before applying the moisturizer. Remember…oil and moisture are two completely different conditions. Having a moisturizer will not clog your pours and make the oil worse in your face. Even oily skin can become dehydrated.
  • Dry Skin: Cleanse, tone, moisturize…night time only. It’s important to wash the face every morning to get the sleepies off the face, but “cleansing” is just robbing the skin of it’s needed natural moisture. The only step needed from there is to add a protecting moisturizer, since moisturizing is an important step for the superficially dehydrated skin. So, don’t forget to apply your anti-aging, or cellular restoration moisturizer before applying your daily makeup. And…dry skin knows no age. I’ve seen the very young with skin that lacked the needed moisture to keep it elastic, smooth, and radiant.
  • Treatment wise I’d recommend brides have a professional facial every month (beginning six months prior to the big day) since the facial therapist will be able to recommend suitable aftercare that compliments your professional facials to ensure your skin is perfect for your big day! Please don’t attempt a deep cleansing decongestant facial the day before, as it will inevitably lead to breakouts! Instead opt for a light skin smoothing, rejuvenating, hydrating facial which will not only ensure a radiant looking skin complexion but also provide the perfect smooth canvas for your make-up application.

To Consider: Stress, anxiety, normal wedding planning, can get the sebaceous glands in an uproar. If, God forbid, a zit shows itself on your wedding day, there are topical solutions that you can purchase over-the-counter. Be leery of those that claim immediate action. They will dry the spot out so harshly, that your skin could react in peeling at the site. And still have the blemish. A safe, and old fashioned, remedy is to apply a dab of toothpaste (or tea tree oil) on the break-out. When it’s time to apply make-up, use a concealer that matches your skin tone. NEVER PICK OR PUSH WITH YOUR FINGERNAILS! Use a kleenex between the two index fingers, to gently encourage extraction of the full blown zit (that’s the one that already has produced a head).  Never force. You don’t want a bulls-eye on your face the day of your wedding. 


Not only is the skin on your face important, so is the rest of it, from neck to toes. A great way to have beautiful skin, is to Brides Bodyexfoliate the dry skin from the body, every time you shower (or bathe). There are a few ways to do this. One is to use an exfoliator that can be purchased at any retail chain, or at your favorite beauty supply store. You can also make your own, from ingredients in your kitchen pantry. Mix equal parts of brown sugar & olive oil and smooth onto you skin. Works great as an exfoliator for the lips also. No one wants dry or splitting lips, especially on their wedding day.

Another way is to use a body brush daily. This is really effective to help smooth away dead skin cells, and stimulates the body to eliminate toxins and helps to release any water retention.

To Consider:  Body brushing works best if done after a shower, (though your skin must be dry). Body brushing should take no more then 30 seconds to do. Use the brush quickly but firmly brushing over the skin, always towards the heart. And remember to replenish the moisture in the skin with your favorite body lotion. The ones with less fragrance in them, are the best.

Snacks for the Wedding Day Prep Room:

One last thought, as you prepare for the day that’s got you doing double (or triple) time. Don’t forget about your physical needs for that day. In all the hubbub, it will be easy to forget the details that come with taking care of yourself. Maybe your wedding planner has this under control. But just in case…here are a few ideas.

1. Apples 

Brides ApplesApples are the super-food snack to have by your side on your big day. Not only do they scrape plaque off teeth and fight bad breath, but they’re also loaded with Vitamin C, which can help boost your immune system, so you don’t get sick on your honeymoon. Added bonus? Apples are a steady source of healthy carbs, which will boost your energy levels. Cut them into small slices so you can eat without smearing your lipstick. 

2. Almonds
These nuts are packed with protein and fiber that will keep you feeling full without having to pig out before the ceremony. Brides AlmondsThey’re also a great source for Vitamin E and essential fatty acids that keep your skin glowing and can help speed up weight loss. Limit yourself to a few handfuls though, as almonds tend to be higher in calories.

3. Popcorn
Brides PopcornWhile people often view popcorn as just a movie theater treat, it’s a great and (gasp) healthy alternative to many other readymade snacks. Its light and airy consistency means you can eat a lot of without actually taking in too many calories, and since it’s packed with fiber it will keep you feeling full longer. New research has found that it’s also rich in the polyphenols, an antioxidant that’s proven to help reduce cell damage and ward off diseases. Just be careful to steer clear of brands that are heavily salted and processed, as these delicious add-ons can leave you bloated.

4. Dark Chocolate 
I fully believe that every girl deserves chocolate every day, but this belief is especially true on your big day. Just a little dark Brides Chocoaltechocolate helps boost heart and brain functions. And on top of that, it’s loaded with flavonoids that help control your blood sugar levels and, with steady consumption, can prevent type two diabetes. And the best part, other than its amazing taste, is that it will boost your mood and leave you feeling even happier. Just be sure to save this treat for before you slip on your gown to avoid any stains.

5. Cherries
Brides Cheeries 2Often referred to as a super fruit, cherries are chock full of antioxidants that fight heart disease and cancer while also promoting brain functions. This sweet snack also contains melatonin, which helps regulate your sleep cycle (since you probably haven’t been getting much with all of the wedding planning). Eat a handful of cherries before you start getting dressed to prevent any stains. Be careful of biting down on a pit…you wouldn’t want a broken front (or any, for that matter) tooth.

To Consider: From the time you arrive at the place you will be getting ready for the wedding, someone will always be in the room, needing questions answered, always a well-wisher and always someone ready with a camera. Excitement will be the norm for that day. It can become difficult to keep energy levels up when you’re “on show” for twelve or more hours at a stretch. You will need a few minutes every few hours or so just to be able to go somewhere quiet and collect your thoughts, regroup,  think about the man waiting for you, have a glass of water, check your lipstick or just be uninterrupted for a few minutes so you can enjoy the day more.