Most of us would agree that change is not only necessary, it’s unavoidable. Sometimes we get to control an element of that change we feel coming our way, sometimes we don’t. Heather did.

We all face change…in one form or another, fairly regularly. For me, I am trying to find my “nitch” in social media, beginning with switching up Elements “Elemental News” that comes to you as a monthly newsletter. Seeing as how most of the population is extremely busy and most likely never reads it in it’s entirely (I’ve checked with y’all…ya can’t answer the questions I throw at ya that’s addressed in the newsletter), I’ve decided to make the bulk of the present newsletter as a blog post, and leave the Elemental News as a one pager that gives you the heads up on that month’s specials. And I may throw in a tip or two along the way.

This month, in the salon, I had the experience of transforming a style that had endured our unusally long and cold, winter season and was now needing transformed for the hot, North Carolina summers.

Heather came in with a big smile on her face, ready for the change. Little did I know just how much of a change she was going for. But I immediately loved her ideas. Many people come wanting “change” but one that is unrecognizable as being changed. Just a bit of difference on angles, a muted definition, a bit (1/2 inch) of length taken off. Rarely do I get a gal that will pull out all the stops. Well…Heather pulled out all the stops and gave me free range of motion. The results were nothing short of breath-taking. Well, that’s my opinion, at least. 😉 The last time I felt so giddy was when I was given the opportunity to change Lindsey’s hair. If you get my newsletters, she’s the one featured in April’s Elemental News.

The year 2014 has thrown the beauty industry into wild and bold expression that gives vent through the bleaching, then coloring of clients hair… green, blue, pink, purple, and a variety of rainbow shades. Some with multiple colors on one head! Some are really very pretty…some are a hot mess. I’ve noticed the artistic nature of the beauty professional being inspired by different colored birds, flowers, and skylines and applying those colors to the human species. I’ve often wondered if the Hunger Games movie, and all the diversified hair colors that were portrayed, has had anything to do with stirring up the creating of unnatural (for hair) pigments and playing the creative artist by placing vivid colors on protein infused hair strands…that would normally be exclusive for pictures and walls. Yet, for me…I still love the warmth and softness that comes from a realistic perspective. Call me boring…I just like seeing things in their natural element.

The highlights chosen for Heather, were of a soft nature, as was her cut. We didn’t go extreme pixie on her, but pixie, none-the-less.

Heather is a busy mom with a 3 year old little (in the loosest form of the word) boy. Like most mother’s, she doesn’t have a lot of extra time for herself and isn’t one that spends time standing in front of the mirror. She not only wanted, but needed, a fresh, new haircut for the summer months. Heather wanted to lose the “ponytail express” look and have something easy to style while giving her a cute and sassy look.

I just heard from her this morning. She was telling me how much she loves her new look. “I feel lighter, younger, and sassier,” she said. Alright! The goal was met! “I get compliments all the time now, and my husband loves it so much he wants me to keep it short all the time,” said she. “I feel like a better version of myself.”

Let me know what YOU think of this transformation. Would you have done anything differently? If so, what?

Forge on, Passionistas!

Heather P. April 16, 2014 #4

BEFORE the transformation

Heather P. April 16, 2014 #3

Heather P. April 16, 2014 #2 Back & Front (in mirror) of AFTER, and side view only

Heather P. April 16, 2014



Formula for Success…in a Nutshell

The year 2012 brought many things with it, and dropped it’s load of opportunity directly in my path. My eyes, nor my intent, never wavered…until I found myself in the thick of it all. Moments became days, days became weeks, and weeks turned into months, of having to summon up that very important ingredient to success…patience.

Yet, sitting here and reviewing the last year and a half, I find another ingredient to success…a greater one perhaps, has captured and destroyed, the doubts and questions of possible wrong decisions. That ingredient? Gratitude!Image

Gratitude is patience in action. Patience, a valuable commodity, will wait for financial gain instead of settling for actions that will separate us from what God has put in our line of vision. Memo: A good idea may be to write out what it is we are grateful for before heading to bed each night.

Formula #1: Gratitute = Patience = Timing = Success

Commitment is another attribute of success because it motivates us. It sustains us when we’re not sure whether our actions will pay off. It carries us along through the difficult times and vaults us forward during the good times. Commitment and motivation produces the courage needed to take action. The definition of failure? Waiting for others to tell us what our next step should be.

We must decide what our life is about, and tie that to our day to day actions. The more we understand our purpose, the greater our commitment, the greater we are motivated, the more action we’ll take, and the greater successes we’ll achieve.

Formula #2: Commitment = Courage = Action = Success

I have found, in my 40 years in this industry, there to be one more very important ingredient for success. That being our ability to connect with people.

Empathy (the ability to understand and share the feelings of another) lies at the root of every successful product and service. Without empathy, how can we know what customers want or need? Without empathy, how can we know what our product or service is worth? We must understand their needs, their dreams, their desires, so we can be a part of making them a reality. We must listen more than we talk. And when we listen, really listen. Admittedly, I have to work on this one continually. But, when I am able to keep my mouth shut and listen, great things happen. Connection happens, empathy happens, relationship happens. We should always treat others as we want to be treated.

Formula #3: Empathy = Insight = Relationships = Success

That’s it…3 formulas for success. Let me hear from you. Do you agree, disagree, or are you indifferent? Is there anything else you would add to this list?