Summer Sweep, New Client Drive

ImageI cannot believe Elements Salon will be two years old come September 1st. Where has the time gone? As these past two years have played out, there have been many a day I didn’t think would end, as I waited for my client base to begin building. And now…two years later (really???), the business is still trying to get it’s footing in a huge market..with not just a few similar industries…but many! It’s true that when you spit in any direction, you just may hit a hair stylist.

We’ve done well, however, for the location we decided on. That being 22 other stylists who have their individual rooms, that connect one to the other…and literally surround mine. Their price base is none the same. Some are very low dollar (competing with Fantasic Sam’s, Great Clips, etc.), some (one or two) are higher end, as mine is. Not even one of them have “started new”…they all came with their client base already in place, having lived here most of their lives and having been in the beauty industry almost as long. Very cool! And, even though I tried to convince my own faithful clients of many years (back in Oklahoma), to hop a plane and come see me on the regular basis they were accustomed to, just didn’t gel with them. They mumbeled something about it costing too much. I even tried bribing them, by offering a beach trip with me. Some promised (with that cute little sideways smile) they would. How I would love to see them all again and introduce them to my fabulous North Carolina clients!

So…to kick off Summertime, Elements Salon (that’s me), in North Carolina…has decided to have a Summer Sweep, New Client Drive. I’m accustomed to promotions. Mostly with retail products, however. Never my services…except to give back to the faithful clients, with referral dollars and loyalty credits. But, if I want to survive here, I’m having to stand back and take another look at how I’ve always done business. I believe in myself, in my abilities. If I mess up, I find out why and what I need to do to “fix” it. I trust what I’ve spent time and money to accomplish. I believe in me, and I believe in the One who directs my steps and gives me the ability to shine.

By giving away my services (to first time clients only), ImageI am hoping to compel those that are looking for a change in hair stylists, to allow me the privilege of showing them just how great their hair can look, and how completely relaxing the atmosphere is at my place of business…causing them to become regular clients. This will tell the true story. Just how good are you, Mary? It’s a tough market here, and I’ve had a few surprises since 2012. But, it’s caused me to dig a little deeper, to hone my skills a bit more, to look for solid ground, and possibly better myself at what I’ve done for almost 40 years.

Change is inevitable. Environment has it’s differences as well. I never dreamed I’d get to work with those in the movie industry, nor with other professional vendors in time-lapsed, wedding styled photo shoots, or being hired to style hair & make-up for  beach weddings. How exciting for a small town girl that has found herself starting over (past her prime…I might add), getting to do what she loves on a much larger scale! With a bit of trembling, I always say “YES!” 

Want to know what the Summer Sweep is all about? Here it is! 

SUMMER SWEEPS – Sharing the Love, New Client Drive…
Now through August 31st, when you book an appointment, you’ll receive a gift certificate to pass on to a friend who has not been to Elements Salon before. The card will be from you to whomever you choose and will entitle the receiver to a free hair cut, valued from $30-$60. When that lucky guy or gal books an appointment with me, you will receive a 20% THANK YOU discount on your next visit! So call me today to schedule your next visit and SHARE THE SUMMER LOVIN’!

Please feel free to share a link to this blog with your friends, family, co-workers…people on the street, and it just may get you 20% off your next appointment with me…should that person call you for a certificate and book their appointment before August 31st. If you are an established client of mine, you will need the gift certificate for them to bring to the salon. It has to be the original, and cannot be copied from this blog. Thus the booking of your own appointment in order to secure the certificate(s).

Everyone have a great 4th of July celebration, be safe, don’t forget to plan your next appointment at Element’s Salon and SHARE the LOVIN’ this summer!


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