In the Beginning

Having begun this journey in a little town known as Miami, Oklahoma, it seems I have come full circle now, in this ever-changing beauty industry. Never did I dream I would find myself “starting over.” Through the years I have given spaces to rent, or work under a commission type endeavor, to other beauty school graduates. I have watched as they struggled to make ends meet.

When I started my first business in 1978, I had a second income in the form of my absolutely awesome husband. He has always encouraged me to be the very best I could be, and has provided opportunity for me to do just that. While building my first client base, he provided for me…never questioning my decisions. If my memory serves me well, it took only 3 months to build a client base worthy of real income. Maybe it was because I was in the perfect geographical area. Situated in an area with equal distance between two towns, I was privileged to absorb those in my community and it’s surrounds. It kept them from having to make a trip into town. Ahhhh…those were the days!!!

When I had spaces that needed filled in that first offering of beauty, known as “Mary’s Place”, I could attend to the pressing household duties and always have a very neat and clean “castle” for my very young husband. If I had only realized what he had actually given me…


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