Beach Weddings

Top Sail IslandMoving to the Southeast region of our nation, has opened my eyes, to many new and exciting things. One being, beach weddings.

I recently met a very sweet Southern family, who hired me as the beauty consultant to their daughter’s upcoming beach wedding. To say I am excited is an understatement of great proportion! It will be my first North Carolina wedding, in charge of hair and make-up.

First of all, Katy is going to make one beautiful bride. At our first meeting, I immediately loved her spirit, her total trust in me as we visited about the event, and the obvious love she has for her mother.

We will have our trial run soon, at which time I hope to be able to document the time with each of Katy’s entourage. There will be a Maid of Honor and three Bridesmaids, besides herself and possibly Momma, as well.  On the agenda for our pre-wedding trial run is a table prepared with fresh-baked bagels from Panera Bread, various cream cheeses, and orange juice. The bride has asked permission to bring fixin’s for Margarita’s as well, since our pre-run is on Cinco de Mayo. I’m guessing this is going to really be a lot of fun. I am so over-the-top excited to be a part of this very special time in this wonderful family’s life.

Pictures will be posted on this blog site, along with details, as much as the bride allows.

Stay tuned Passionistas!