Keep Dreaming!

No matter what profession you’ve chosen, it’s important to embrace change. The time to slow down, is the time you give up living.

“When we fail to plan, we plan to fail.” I can’t remember who it was that said it, but they were definitely right. We plan, and then plan some more! Some plans go belly up, some are home runs. But change is inevitable! Embrace it, plan for it, love it.

Here are a few successful marketing plans, that have helped me “stay the course” over the years to increase my business:

1) A referral program.
A. My most profitable were the gas cards I awarded to those that sent me 3 new clients. At $5 per new client sent, I found myself putting money back on a frequent basis. The promotion was that new client sales (from each existing client) would be totaled at the end of the month and then sent their free gas cards. The client that earned the most, received her first $50 gas card only a month after the program went into effect. Schzaam!!!
B. My second most profitable was the averaged new client sales . When existing clients sent me 3 new clients, the average service amount spent by those three (when totaled), would be added to my existing clients file. They could use the money any way they wanted. It could be used on services, retail, or gift cards. It was my “Thank You” for spreading the word.

2) Business Magnets
Make this one a concentrated effort. Many times your business card (you DO have one, right?), will suffice, and you DO need it to reflect your logo…something recognizable when seen anywhere. This marketing tool will be seen every time they go to the fridge. Everybody has to eat…right? Make it stand out! Now’s not the time to be frugal in the selection of material used.

3) Realtor Invasion
Be certain the realtors you pick for this one, are known aggressive property managers. Introduce yourself, offer them a free service during a slow time, like a Wednesday (that’s MY slow day, if I’m going to have one). In return for that free service, you’ll ask them to place a basket of your retail and other special service offers (attractively done up, of course), on a recently purchased home’s dining room table.

4) Prepare for Monthly Specials
This one is at the bottom of my list simply because it’s never been a strong event for me. There was a certain time of the year, usually the month before school starts, that my liter sales sky-rocketed…but other than that, my clients always purchased whatever it was they needed, when they needed it. Maybe when you are just beginning your business, it would be more of a magnet for shoppers. Also, I personally like giving back to the client through other means. Like…

5) Loyalty Rewards Program
With every service purchase, my clients automatically receive 10% off every $200 spent. My ClienTrak software lets me know when they have rewards to be used. It’s always a welcomed surprise when they’ve reached their jackpot.

A word to the wise…

“Everyone creates their own value.” Wise words spoken to me, by my late (and great) sister, Becky Johnson. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves for failure, or lack of productivity. When we embrace these true words, we will fly! We will leave others in the dust, so-to-speak. Responsible for our own actions, gives us the ability to be all we can be. No-one, no circumstance (as much as we would like to think), can thwart the plans of God in our lives, if we but do what is right, what is good, and put our hands to the task. And that, my awesome beauty consultants, is GOOD NEWS!!!

I remember an “off the cuff” remark by a brother-in-law of mine, some years ago. He said, “Mary, you need to slow down.” My response? “Why? I’ll have plenty of time to slow down when they bury me.”

Ah…passion! Without it, your dreams become non-existent. With it, you can touch the sky!

Dream on, Passionistas!!!