Changing the Murmurs to Applause

What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

“I just can’t do it! Every Monday (or Sunday evening) as I think about blogging Monday’s Murmurings, I get so hesitant and withdrawn. I don’t like the sound of it, I don’t buy into it…why should I write about it?”  ~Me (talking to myself)

Today, I want to share a moment in time that changed my life. Please understand there have been many life changing moments for me, but since this is a beauty blog, I’ll share the one thing that got me where I am today.

Way back in 1972, I was a lost little girl. Actually, I had lived to the ripe old age of 25, and thought this was what life, my life anyway, would always be. God, however, had a different plan and I will be forever grateful for that plan!

I was offered a way out of the mess I had walked into, and as difficult as it was for me, I accepted the challenge. My life wasn’t anything to be proud of, but it was my life. And change had been extended to me. But it meant more than just leaving a geographical location. It meant a heart change (I may write about that in my personal blog at

My life changing moment? I am the last of 10 children, and of many siblings I can’t say I really “know” them. But they showed me unconditional love, when in 1973 I needed a lifeline. My sister, Becky, along with brother Rush and his wife Linda, flew to Tennessee with the mission of bringing me home to Oklahoma. To this day I don’t know who it was that began the process of providing for me, and financially securing my training for the beauty industry. If I were to guess, it would be that Ken (another brother), and Becky got together and brain stormed. They all agreed to take responsibility for getting my feet secured in a business I could use to provide for myself. I am still in awe, when I think of it. Some of them I repaid by taking care of their haircuts, colors, perms, etc. But there are a few that still has not seen any form of payment…nor do they expect it. Unconditional love. One of my brothers, Ken Prater, was always putting “extra change” in my hands to help with gasoline for the car, or should I need lunch money. His words will always stay with me. “His grace is sufficient,” he told me. And indeed it has been. There is not time nor space, to share the instances of this very thing being my comfort. Even now, tears fall from my eyes just thinking of the difficulties, and God’s provision. But we made it!!!

Life is full of changes…and sometimes those changes really hurt. But they cause us to reach for all we can be. Discouragement happens. No one lives without facing discouragement. It’s what we do with it that matters. We can curl up in a ball (that’s okay for a while, just don’t stay there), or we can say, “That was bad, but tomorrow is another opportunity to use the bad…for good.”

I don’t know that I could have done it without my family, without someone to catch me as I was falling. I know that with God miracles are possible, people immerge out of the ashes of life, all on their own. But most of the time, it’s those individuals that care enough to be His hands extended, His arms to carry, His feet to walk beside us, that support us as we move into His plans for us. That’s what kept me alive…literally. And maybe that’s a bit of why I find it so hard to listen to grumblings, discontentment voiced over and over. Change what you can, and use the rest as a ladder to reach for the stars. What good is complaining anyway?

Life changing moments…well, they change murmurings to applause! Make it a great week!